The Spinnaker family restaurant


Across from the beach on Anzac Parade and offering beautiful views from the deck, The Spinnaker is a perfect spot for lunch or dinner. Featuring a big screen TV, kid’s play room and outside playground, family restaurant and spacious gaming lounge, it’s the club for everyone.

The Spinnaker offers excellent range of specials for lunch and dinner. Sea views, a designated smoking area and a big screen TV on the spacious outside deck area make it the perfect venue for your next casual function or club presentations.

Lunch Menu

  • 200G Sirloin  $10
    With chips and salad and choice of sauce
  • Fish  $10
    Crumbed or battered serve with chips and salad
  • House Made Chicken Schnitzel   $15
    Served with chips and salad
  • Chicken Caesar Salad   $15
    Served with crisp romain lettuce, shaved parmesan, crispy bacon bits tossed through rich Caesar dressing served with a poached egg
  • Fettuccine Carbonara   $15
    (Add chicken or prawns  $5)
  • American Style Beef Burger   $15
    Served with Angus beef pattie, pickles, onion jam, tomato sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, American cheese on a soft brioche roll
  • Vego Burger   $15
    Served with veggie pattie, cos lettuce, Japanese mayonnaise, pickled onions on a soft brioche roll
  • Grilled Mackerel    $20
    Served with chips and salad
  • Lamb and Rosemary Bangers     $20
    Served on creamy mash and rich gravy
  • Marinated Salt and Pepper Calamari      $20
    Served with chips, salad and dill mayonnaise
  • Creamy Garlic Prawns      $20
    Tossed through a creamy garlic & dill sauce served with basmati rice & lemon
  • 250G Rump      $20
    Served with your choice of chips and salad or mash and spring vegetables with your choice of sauce
  • Vietnamese prawn salad     $20
    Served with shredded Asian vegetables, Asian aromats, fried onion
    and nouc chan dressing topped with crunchy rice noodles
  • House Seafood Basket       $25
    Served with chips and salad, dill mayonnaise
  • Seafood schnitzel       $25
    Served with house made chicken schnitzel and creamy garlic seafood topper served with chips, salad and a fresh lemon wedge
  • Grilled Crispy Skin Salmon      $25 
    Served with mash potato and sauteed capers and Broccollini

$9 Members $10 Visitors

  • Cheeseburger with chips
  • Fish bites with chips
  • Mac and cheese
  • chicken nuggets with chips

All kid’s meals come with popper, ice cream or frog in pond plus a kids pack


  • Spicy Sesame Seed Buffalo Wings  $16.1
    ranch dressing, spring onion

  • Soft Shell Tacos  $15.0
    lettuce, sour cream, cheese, guacamole,
    tomato salsa plus choose from shredded beef, pulled pork or lime chicken

  • Salt & Pepper Calamari  $15.0

  • Dynamite Shrimps  $17.2
    dredged in flour and batter, fried, coated with a spicy mayo sauce

All steaks served with chips & chef’s salad

  • T-bone (300g)  $30.0
  • Rib Fillet (300g)  $33.9
  • Sirloin (200g)  $29.9
  • Chicken Breast  $26.0

Garlic prawns $7.8 | Salt & pepper calamari  $7.8 | Chilli prawn $7.8

  • Greek Noodle Salad  $18.9
    tomato, cucumber, onion, feta cheese, egg noddles, lemon oregano dressing

  • Thai Beef Noodle Salad  $18.9
    rice noodles, tomato, cucumber, basil,
    mint, coriander

  • Tandoori Chicken Rice Salad  $18.9
    basmati rice, tomato, cucumber, mint, coriander, yoghurt dressing

  • Salt & Pepper Calamari  $25.5
    lemon cheek, tartare

  • Butter Chicken  $25.5
    chicken in a mildly spiced tomato sauce

  • Sticky Chicken Stir Fry  $25.5
    honey, sweet chilli, soy, capsicum, local pineapple, Hokkien noodles

  • Thai Red Curry Prawn Stir Fry  $25.5
    hot fragrant Thai Red Curry, prawns, red and yellow capsicums

  • Vegetarian Filo Tart  $19.9
    layers of pastry, roast vegetables, chef’s salad

  • Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza  $17.0

  • BBQ Pork Ribs  $28.3 half  $40.0 full
    with tequila BBQ sauce

  • Chicken Schnitzel (200g)  $19.9
    with chips and chef’s salad

  • Chicken Parmi (200g)  $23.9
    with chips and chef’s salad

  • Crumbed Fish  $25.5
    fresh caught and local, lemon, tartare & chef’s salad

  • Grilled Fish  $25.5
    fresh caught & local, lemon, tartare & chef’s salad

  • Traditional Lamb Rogan  $25.5
    steamed rice, naan bread

  • Vietnamese Fried Rice  $19.0

SIDES  $8.3
Crispy chips with aioli  |  Asian style salad  |  Seasonal vegetables  |  Mash potato  |  Fried rice

  • Mac and Cheese    $12
  • Kid’s Nuggets    $12
  • Fish Bites (Hoki)    $12
  • Cheese Burger    $12

All kid’s meals come with drink, ice cream or frog in pond plus a kids pack

  • Pecan Pie    $8
  • Sundae
    Large $8
    Small $4
  • Sticky Date Pudding    $8
  • Pavlova    $8

Booking request – 24hr notice

We’re pleased to offer this booking request form for your convenience. Complete the sections and submit the form to lodge your request. Our staff will then be in contact to confirm your booking. Please note that while all effort will be made to honour your preferred date and time, the final booking will depend on availability. 24 hours notice preferred – if your booking request is for today please call 4939 9585.

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